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Monitoring and Forecasting and Forecasting of Natural Disasters in the earthquake tsunami Global Seismic and Tsunami (Fangruida)

Monitoring and Forecasting and Forecasting of Natural Disasters in the earthquake tsunami Global Seismic and Tsunami (Fangruida)
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Monitoring and Forecasting and Forecasting of Natural Disasters in the thquake tsunamiGlobal Seismic and Tsunami (Fangruida)

Earthquake and tsunami volcanic eruption Debris flow, landslides and meteorites falling into the earth and other major natural disasters seriously threaten the survival and development of human life and safety, and related major accidents, such as nuclear power plant leakage, dam collapse, flooding floods, chemical industry explosion , Epidemic epidemic, etc., worthy of the century disaster. Therefore, it is particularly important to study the prevention and prediction of these deadly special natural disasters. Not to mention the asteroid hit the earth, the earth exploded, the end of the world's danger endanger all mankind, any country and people, will suffer, life and property major losses, the degree of harm can not be imagined. For example, in 2010

January 12, Haiti 7.3 earthquake occurred, the Haitian government statistics show that the Haiti earthquake caused 270,000 deaths, more than 480,000 people displaced, more than 3.7 million people affected.

On 27 February, a magnitude 8.8 earthquake in Chile caused a tsunami, with 280 deaths and nearly 200 million people affected, with economic losses of $ 30 billion. March 11, 2011, Japan, 9.0 magnitude earthquake occurred, and triggered a strong tsunami, resulting in major casualties and property damage. As of April the same year, the official confirmed 14063 people died, 13,691 people missing. On December 26, 2004, a strong earthquake and a tsunami occurred in the vicinity of Sumatra Island, Indonesia, and spread to a number of countries. More than 200,000 people were killed or missing, and hundreds of thousands were homeless. 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake, the magnitude of the earthquakes of the earthquake up to 8.0Ms, the moment magnitude of 8.3Mw (according to the US Geological Survey data, the moment magnitude 7.9Mw), seismic intensity of 11 degrees. The earthquake affected most of China and Asia, many countries and regions, north to Liaoning, east to Shanghai, south to Hong Kong, Macao, Thailand, Vietnam, west to Pakistan are shocked.
5.12 Wenchuan earthquake severely damaged areas of more than 100,000 square kilometers, as of September 18, 2008 12:00, 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake caused a total of 69,227 people were killed, 374643 people were injured, 17923 people missing, is also the Tangshan earthquake One of the worst earthquakes in casualties. July 28, 1976 3:42 and 53.8 seconds, Tangshan, Fengnan area, Hebei Province, China occurred in the intensity of 7.8 magnitude (magnitude magnitude 7.5) earthquake, epicenter intensity of 11 degrees, the focal depth of 12 km, 23 seconds. The earthquake killed 24,279 people and 16.4 million people were seriously injured. October 5, 1948, Turkmenistan's capital Ashgabat suffered a magnitude 7.3 earthquake, due to the poor earthquake resistance of local buildings, within a few minutes the city became a ruin. Although the former Soviet Union sent more than 1,000 doctors, nurses and other medical staff, but there are still 11 million people were killed. On December 28, 1908, a magnitude 7.5 earthquake occurred at the submarine of the Messina Strait between Sicily and Calabria in Italy and triggered a tsunami that destroyed 98 percent of the houses in Messina, About 123,000 people were killed. September 1, 1923, Japan's Kanto region occurred 7.9 strong earthquake, causing 14.28 million people were killed. Earthquake is coming, it is Japan's lunch time, many families are cooking, the earthquake makes the stove overturned, the fire spread the wind, triggering countless fires. Kanto Earthquake destroyed Japan's major economic and political center Tokyo, the important port Yokohama, and Shizuoka, Kanagawa, Chiba County, a total of 570,000 housing construction, 1.9 million people homeless. On 12 January 2010, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake in Haiti occurred in most of the areas of Port-au-Prince and Haiti, where most of the houses collapsed, more than 20 million were killed and 1.3 million were displaced and nearly 100,000 houses were destroyed. December 16, 1920, China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in the southern part of Haiyuan County area 8.5 earthquake occurred. Seismic depth of 17 km, death 24 million people. Earthquakes led to river diversion, debris flow and landslides, and some villages were completely buried. 1556 years of Huaxia earthquake in Shaanxi, the magnitude of about 8. Earthquake spread to Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan, Gansu, Hebei, Shandong, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangsu, Anhui and other 11 provinces and more than 130 counties, some counties fall down. The earthquake, the death toll has a record of more than 830,000.

The world's large earthquake and strong earthquake tsunami volcanic eruption is particularly serious, therefore, the study of prevention and forecast monitoring has become the primary to prevent these major disasters.
I study and monitor the long-term earthquake and tsunami, knowing that they are the greatest harm to mankind and damage, geological structure, seismic mechanisms, earthquake prediction, tsunami forecast, the moon earthquake, deep feeling.
Geological activation field, seismic wave - field - domain rotation mechanism, long - term earthquake forecast - earthquake short - term early warning forecast global map, earthquake comprehensive forecasting system and so on.

5.5 180,000 tons in 1992, the United States of America in China Little Skull Mtn. Earthquake
6.0 1 million tons in 1994 the United States in the double Spring Spring earthquake
6.55 million tons 1994 Northridge earthquake
7.0 32 million tons of the largest atomic bomb seismic level energy comparison, a strong earthquake released by the total energy is very great. For example, a magnitude 7 earthquake is equivalent to nearly 30 twenty thousand tons of atomic bomb energy, an 8.5 earthquake energy equivalent to 1 million kilowatts of large power plants for 10 years the sum of electricity generation. Magnitude and energy are not a simple proportional relationship. Although the seismologists have a variety of calculation methods, here only to explain the degree of damage to the earthquake only. It is often said that the atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb explosion power, how much equivalent. The 2008 Wenchuan Richter magnitude 8.0 earthquake, which releases about 2.0 * 10 ^ 18 joules, is equivalent to 500 million tons of TNT explosives or 25,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs.
And there are: lg E = 11.8 + 1.5M
M is the magnitude of the Richter scale, E is the released energy in Joules.
The most powerful destructive forces in nature, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, plate movements, meteorite attacks, asteroids hit the Earth, the planet exploded, the Big Bang and so on, far more than the atomic bomb explosion energy. Therefore, mankind can only survive and develop in accordance with the law of nature, because mankind has no superior ability and strength to overcome the law of the universe and nature, can only adapt to adapt to nature, and gradually in some aspects of transformation for human survival.

The world has undergone tremendous changes. The peaceful development of human rights is the three goals of the United Nations and the ideals and goals of the whole world's permanent struggle. Although nature has a variety of special disasters, major earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, etc., and then nuclear threat nuclear war nuclear war. Therefore, the prevention of major natural disasters, but also on the world of nuclear terrorist attacks on nuclear nuclear leaks and possible nuclear war to raise the level of early warning, must not be taken lightly. Otherwise, the consequences could be disastrous, it is difficult to remedy. In this context, the denuclearization of peaceful development is the mainstream, and the relevant international conventions of the United Nations are increasingly supported by the majority of the countries and the majority of the people of the world. However, it is undeniable that there are some countercurrent and uncoordinated voices that require the high vigilance of the United Nations and the people of the world. It is of utmost importance for the people of the world to prevent nuclear proliferation, prevent nuclear terrorist attacks and prevent nuclear war. There are five kinds of atomic bomb explosion means:
The first is the light radiation, at the beginning of the explosion, a strong light, any direct view of the light must be blind, eyes of the vitreous into two water.
The second is the shock wave, the formation of the explosion will be flattened all the waves, breaking the radius of tens to hundreds of kilometers.
The third is the early nuclear radiation, nuclear radiation generated by a variety of radiation radiation on the biological harm. Nuclear radiation is mainly α, β, γ three kinds of rays:
Α-ray is a high-speed helium nuclei, ionization ability is very strong, but the penetrating ability is very weak, but inhalation of the body harm; β-ray is the electronic flow, after exposure to skin burns. These two kinds of rays due to the small penetration, the impact of the distance as long as the radiation source does not enter the body, the impact will not be too large; γ-ray penetration is very strong, is a very short wavelength of electromagnetic waves. Γ radiation and X-ray similar, can penetrate the human body and buildings, harm far away. Γ-ray radiation damage to the skin as follows: First, the slow onset of long course; Second, burn wounds repeatedly ulceration, prolonged unhealed, or even malignant.
The fourth is electromagnetic radiation, mainly on the wireless communications and electronics industry damage.
The fifth is radioactive contamination, because the atomic bomb can not make all the nuclear charge into the reaction, in fact, Hiroshima atomic bomb only 10% of the nuclear charge reaction, and the rest are floating as floating dust, air, soil and water Can form up to 20 years of long-term radioactive pollution. For human survival, environmental variation, water and soil pollution and other great harm. Therefore, the United Nations and the International Atomic Energy Agency have repeatedly warned that it is worthy of our attention.

To sum up, to guard against all kinds of major natural disasters and vigilance nuclear terrorist attacks on nuclear pollution nuclear threat, is the major primary responsibility of all mankind. Otherwise, once there is any flaw, it will be a huge catastrophic consequences, unbearable. Damage, strong earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, asteroid impact, meteorite rain, natural disasters, and so on, in essence, and nuclear threat, human beings must be highly alert, take preventive measures,

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